Wtb zim heated bed

Anyone have a heated bed they want to get rid of??

Do yourself a favour and do not buy an original ZIM heated bed. The frame that holds the glass is made of wooden fibers and shinks after a certain time of usage, resulting in a bent or even broken glass.
@KingMartin did a great job in building his own heated bed HERE

I will sell my ZIM including perfectly working heated bed + 3 glass beds to simply and fast swap.

If you’re locatecd in Europe shipment should not cost too much…

I can also say that my factory heated bed works great, and I wish I had one more for my other zim. It really helps for keep the print stuck down during the entire job, and no edges peeling on large parts.

That is kind of strange isn’t it? Heater element inside of wood… lol. I always thought it was plastic because it was such a smooth finish but it does sound like wood now that I think of it.

I realized that when I cut out the hole at the bottom where the cables go through. It’s kind of a high density wood-fiber piece which is sanded and painted. I had the problem that the shrinkage bent the glass so that the bed was impossible to level properly. Also, the center magnet had moved a bit to the inside until the frame was pressed to the temperature sensor. --> useless

I think I am going to go a similar route to this >.

Except using this so I don’t have pull the board or any soldering or anything.!

And mount it to this aluminum plate like (invaderZim) did on his post.!.