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Hey All!

I know a lot of you are using Simplify3D for your Zim. I just got a license for this software as a present (my wife is the best). Now I started with @jpod’s S3D profile that he shared a while ago. I bet he’s got some new ones by now ;-), and I bet you all have some that you are hopefully getting some really nice prints out of.

Please share them! If you have Dropbox that’s probably the best way to do so. If not, please email them to me at and I’ll share a permanent dropbox link here:

  1. @jpod’s S3D profile
  2. @3DPrintEvangelist’s S3D profile
  3. @BDub’s S3D profile

BDub’s notes: in the G-Code tab, I used to check “relative extrusion distances” but now I leave it unchecked and make sure GCODE scripts have absolute dimensions set, I have also modified my fan duct so that I can turn on the cooling fan on layer 3. Without the modification you will get stringy webs because the filament is actually too hot. First layer thicker helps it stick, and 190C for PLA works very well.

To install: Click FILE then IMPORT FFF PROFILE. Then you can tweak it further in EDIT PROCESS SETTINGS.

I never really used dropbox before and I just got simplify3d and want to download these profiles. When I click the links the just show xml stuff. How do I download? Help a noob please.

The printer profile is a xml file.
Just download the file and its good.
If not do copy&paste the content and put it into some filename with fff
e.g. Zim-PLA.fff

Sorry the links did not have the ?dl=0 added to the end which makes them download. I edited the original post and added them.

EDIT: Also just updated my profile and notes, and left my old profile for posterity :wink:

hello, thanks for sharing, but was wondering do these profiles go in the script setup tab?

Hi @relisu_re, you want to click FILE then IMPORT FFF Profile. Then you can tweak it further in the Process settings.

ohhh ok, thank you i was clicking on it and was opening it instead of save lol, i see it has LCD’s, is there anyway to turn them on?

I just re-fixed the download issue, clicking the links should ask to save now.

Where are you seeing the LCD’s? I’m pretty sure the Zimboard software can work with a hardware LCD for status, but you have to hack one on. I think @jpod did this on his unit, so if you search the forums you’ll likely find info.

oops, LED’s, i see 1 on each side of the printer, will do a search

Yep there are the LED strips and also a separate LED on the print head that can both be toggled on/off via script:

woot!!, got it working, thanks! will be on the look out for the other simplify3d scripts:)

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