Back up firmware

I’m wondering if anybody here has a back up of prior firmware versions.

My printer is practically useless now.

If somebody who hasn’t updated their printer could upload a image of their current firmware so i could re-flash mine, it’d be appreciated.

I pulled off copies of the Github repository in case all the files end up going away. I also saved current copies of the firmware from Unfortunately there is no longer access to the /backup folder where I once saw backups of all the firmware versions.

Do you have a link to this github repository?

or any copies of prior versions?

I lost the few firmware versions I had when the HD they were on crashed

How do i go about pulling the image from the repository. (Im not to familiar woth git hub)

Click on the folder you want i.e. /marlin-zeepro. Then inside that folder there is a button on the right side of the window that says “Download ZIP”

Thanks Ryan, very useful indeed!

Looks like they took down the images on

Do you have a place to upload those other system images rnordell?

(I haven’t seen a file size limit for this forum, not sure if you could load them here)

I’m out of town for a backpacking trip. I’ll be back middle of next week and I’ll put them in a shared Dropbox or google drive folder.
I wish I had archives of all the previous firmwares. By removing the firmware files, Zeepro is F’ing over everyone if their hardware ever flakes out. I know I’ve had to reflash my firmware after a bad update and also had to redo the SD card image after the card went bad.

I believe I have a couple of the really old images (1.2 and 1.3). If I can find them I’ll forward them.

I have version 1.1 from November 2014 (zeepro-preprod-v1.1-20141110)

I changed the googledrive to a mega one!wspAgT5b!fWKxGgGhy-ArM8uNslJVMktIYXDFpTn7iB4__wAmi0Y

let me know if it works or not

I have version 1.4.1 from Feb 2015 If you want it I will upload it. Just let me know where to upload it.

I have the current version 1.8.3

its a back up image of my printer and settings for anybody interested.

@tookys, you know that what you did was make an image of your sd card, right? There is no firmware present.

With that said, if anyone has the latest firmware version 1.8.7 please let me know.

I’ve setup a dropbox folder to collect and distribute firmware files for the Zim. This way we can have one central location for sharing firmwares. Please label your files with the correct firmware version.

The upload and download file links are different, so please choose the correct one.

To upload a file click here

To download a file click here

If you have any difficulties with these links, please let me know and as always I can be emailed at

Was 1.8.4 the last version of firmware from Zeepro?

Ryan, it was 1.8.7 I believe.

I’ve uploaded some firmware versions - guess they should also be in the Github repository!?

Here are the Versions on GitHub:

Thanks for the upload, @KingMartin. @rnordell, @Jpod, 1.8.7 was the last firmware version released.

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