What is the gcode shutoff command

I am using octopi
And I was wondering if anyone knows the shutoff command that Zeepro used to remotely turn off the printer?
And also since the pi doesn’t turn off is there one to turn the printer back on?
Also could someone please point me to the forum with people who had problems with the quality of their octoprint prints?
Thank you

I use this command at “END SCRIPT” :
M2002; shut zim down

Octoprint does nothing in regards to quality.
Its the slicer thats responsible for creating the gcode and thus the quality…apart from bed leveling or other hardware from the Zim you have to tune.

Does anyone know the “emergency shutdown/reset” gcode for the Zim?
I need a button for the Octoprint so that if there is a serious problem I can immediatly reset the Zim.

I use this commands for an emergency button like :

G91 ; relative movements
G0 Z10 F400;

M112 : shutdown zim

it is less efficient than repertierHost or Simplify3d emergency button because it seems not stopping directly but it put M112 command in commands queue.

The shutdown command is M2002.
The point with the M112 is, that the command typed into the terminal is queued like any other command, so the printer will keep on working for a certain amount of commands until the M112 is executed.
To avoid this, we would need a command to empty the queue before sending the M112.

nice, I will change M112 to M2002.
Thanks :slight_smile: