Updating and Backing up the forum


Hey all, I’m just updating the forum software and backing it up as well this morning. Forum will be back up in a bit.

You’ll see updates to this thread when the forum is being updated. Thanks for your patience :smile:


Just updated again :slight_smile: Those discourse guys are always making this forum software better.


Backing up, updating and backing up again :slight_smile: There shouldn’t be any real noticeable changes. Just minor bug fixes.


Time to upgrade again! :slight_smile: 359 changes to the back-end software O_O


Another upgrade, 101 changes to backend software :slight_smile: :heart: those Discourse guys.


More updates! Had a bit of a hangup with it this time, had to get in there and bang the wrench on a few things. No worries, we’re back up and running up to date on everything.


Forum was upgraded without a hitch :slight_smile:


Going to be upgrading the server so you might see some glitches or minor downtime… don’t worry we’ll be back up soon!

EDIT: All done, created a new server, restored image to it, upgraded it to a newer operating system, updated discourse, backed up forum from old server, restored on new server, changed dns records to point to new server, waited for dns records to propagate overnight, powered down and deleted old server. No time for looking back! :smile:


Updated again tonight… latest and greatest!


You may see some outages today as I work on taking snapshots of the server and upgrading the forum. Hang in there! We’ll be back shortly :smile:

EDIT: And we’re updated!


Backing up and updating the forum… there may be some minor outages… just reload and everything should be fine :slight_smile:

Edit: And we’re updated, weee!


More updates in progress…

EDIT: All set!


It’s that time again… I’ll let you know when it’s done!

EDIT: Finished!


Doing a bit of updating to the forum…

EDIT: All done! Enjoy latest and greatest :smile:


Updating and snapshot in a bit here… down time should be minimal :smile:

EDIT: And finally done :sun_with_face:


Time to update and backup/snapshot the server. There may be some hiccups while that’s happening. Just refresh if you are viewing and we’ll be back soon :smile:

EDIT: All good, game on!

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By the way, I’m really grateful you’re hosting this, and being communicative and professional. This forum is essential to Zim users and it’s great.


:+1: Agree!
…oh, a post has to be at least 20 characters… okay, now I have 65


For quick replies you can just Like the post as well :smile: Thanks all!


Forum may be down for a short while as I make some snapshots and perform updates :smile:

EDIT: All done, latest and greatest. Please consider checking out the Donate page if you like and use this forum. Thanks!