Update did not change firmware version

After a long time of non activity of my zim, I launch it to update the firmware (I was with software v1.4 and firmware v1.1.0.8). After some minutes, the interface warned me that an update is available after reboot. So I reboot the printer but the software and firmware versions have not been changed. Zeepro support told me to wait up to 24h to download the firmware… humm… is it possible??

Maybe you can try this process :

There is also a post about firmware updates :

I’ve had the same problem with firmware not updating. I believe Zeepro responded that the printer needed to connect to my Zeepro account. Try connecting to it via the account login and see if it updates.

I usually just manually reflash it using the instructions in Eric’s link. Often this results in lost network settings in my experience. I’ve written the original sdcard before to update as well. It is simply a blank image stock from the factory. If an image is on the card it tries to bootload from it and flash the internal NAND with the file system from the card, otherwise it boots from internal NAND flash. Zeepro provides a “blank” sdcard image that allows you to restore the original flash card image if you do write an image to the original sdcard and want to restore it.

Yeh im struggling also to get my Zim to update. With no indication its actually checking for an update. stuck on 1.4. Wish there was a ‘check for latest update’ button.

Thanks for your answers.
Zeepro adviced me also to manually flash the system with the SD card. It is not a very user friendly process to update the firmware but it works.
As there is no notification on the interface that the printer is downloading something or not, I asked also Zeepro if they can add a sort of “download bar” to the interface.

That makes since but then why would they even bother to put a sd card in
it can boot a run from and with no sd card