Temperature variation, please help

hello. I switched over to octopi long Ago but I am still not getting these smooth prints everyone else is, but I do have a problem, doesn’t matter if I slice with cura or slic3r with profiles from people on the forum, but everytime by temp constantly goes up and down 5 degrees. very annoying. it could be fan but would that just push the temp down not make it fluctuate?

any help will be great. thanks

The orange line there is the target temp, which looks to be modulating up and down in a square wave pattern, and briefly to 0C and back up in the middle. That would definitely explain the fluctuations. Target temp is derived from your GCODE. Check your temp settings based on layer number and see if there is anything weird going on there. You can also look through your GCODE file for the temp settings and see what they are. Upload here or to https://pastebin.com/ so we can help you take a look.

sorry I shouldn’t have included that in the picture. the actual thing I was asking about was before and after the drop. how the temp constantly fluctuates up and down 5 degrees.
thanks so much

Try to run the PID auto tune

hey thank you I will run this tonight. how do I run it for the other nozzle also? and I just put in the codes, thats it? thanks so much

I think maybe just replace E0 with E1. You have to put in the codes and let it cycle the temps. You should watch the serial logs to know when it’s done.

just ran it. worked great. thanks so much

after (you can see the bumpy part when I was running the script, then when it smooths out thats after it was done. worked perfectly):


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