Supports and rafts - What am I missing?

I’ve never gotten Zim to print supports correctly. I get a loose, squiggly mess that sticks to nothing but the nozzle and heater. And I’ve never gotten rafts to work at all.

I have it set to pillars, 2.5mm pattern spacing, 45˚ pattern angle, 3 interface layers, 0mm interface pattern spacing.

For rafts, I just have it set to 2 raft layers.

The Zeepro Slicer is simply put crap. Do not waste your time trying to optimize something there.
Problems with Support is one of the many things you easily solve by using another slicer and a direct USB solution or octoprint.


Go and get another slicer and run your printer via USB or RaspBerry Pi (you’ll find everything you need to know here in the forum! :smiley: )

I plan on doing the OctoPi upgrade very soon. In the meantime, I just want to print some stuff…!

At any rate, that brings up another question. I’ve tried to use Slicer to generate better G-Code but I have never successfully uploaded and printed G-Code. The system for registering as an advanced user has broken down so I can only use the internal G-Code page. How do I set up Slic3r for best results, and do I upload the resulting file as a GCode file or as a Verbatim GCode file? And then what? How do I get it to actually start printing?

Before you say something: Yes, I did read the whole Good Prints and Settings thread but it was hard to associate the information there with the Slic3r settings on my Mac.