Stepper motor specifications and compatibility

Theoretically I have two spare stepper motors (the lower ones), once I disconnect them and adjust the current.
One of the many things I have in my To-Do queue.

I could not find the specifications for the stepper motors and am wondering if it can be used with the all metal Bulldog Lite filament drive. Or is it a completely different stepper motor for the Bulldog lite?

it’s a nema17
most 3d printer stuff uses this same size so you should be fine. i’d be surprised if the bulldog doesnt use a nema 17.
as for specs, not sure. I’ve been considering they might be better than the old nema 17s i have out in my CNC lathe, and may have a bit more oompf given theyre a few years newer.
but, no real specs i was able to find as far as these go.

Thanks for the reply.
Bulldog uses Nema 17. Nice, some money saved :slight_smile:

I have purchased a NEMA17 stepper with the screw directly as the Z axis.
This motor solves all the wobbles issues that we can have on the Z-axis.
The original screw was really poor quality and the nut was not correctly manufactured.

My print quality is much better with this mod

What motor did you buy for this? How long is it?

Nema 17 stepper with a 30cm screw. I will have to cut the screw (but I am used to :slight_smile:

I already modified my Zim. ad need ot modify my Prototype Zim :smiley:

If you don’t mind, could you post a link?

@agg23 Sorry I purchased the stepper directly in China. no link. a friend of mine bought them in a shop. could this work if u found the right screw?.. the reviews look pretty good on it.

@Tx1211 the screw you show is a 8mm per turn instead of 2mm per turn