Hot ends for ZIM


Guys does any one have any custom hot ends or any mods for direct drive extrusion for our printers ??


Most of the Mods that were made switched to a bowden setup, instead of direct drive.
I also moved to a bowden setup to get rid of the heavy motors and the related vibrations. I don´t regret my decision to do so. My ZIM is now more precise and way faster than with the original setup. Due I also was very skeptical about the conversion, I was highly sensitised for the common problems with bowden hotends, but except of the need of a bit of more retraction, I didn´t have any (Okay, I don´t use flexible filament at all, which seems to be impossible to print with a bowden setup)
Take a look here


Can you post some pics of your gear please as i have no idea on what is the right setup & since you have already started running the Bowden setup it would be easier than me getting the wrong parts for the conversion

Thank a million


You can take a look here:

Here are the links to the parts that I used:

As Stepper, I used one of the now useless Steppers in the base, and removed the toothed wheel. Also, you´ll have to grind a flat surface to the shaft of the motor, to give the small screw in the transportwheel a better chance to grip.
You´ll also have to adjust the steps/unit setting in the software. (Marlin EEPROM Editor Plugin for octoprint is perfect for this)
And you´ll have to cut the ribbon cable and re-wire all the needed parts.

Oh! And you´ll have to adjust the current for the Extruder-motors, because you´ll only use one instead of two! There´s a way to do it tecnically right here, or just look at the tiny potentiometers at the drivers for X,Y and Z Axis, and just set the ones for the E0 and E1 to the same position. My extruder stepper sometimes gets a bit warm, but that´s okay for me.