Hey what slicer are you using?

Hey what slicer are you using?

I know you want to know what he used for Groot, but I’ll chime in with what I think are the best slicers:


##Slic3r v1.1.7 (not the latest version, this old one specifically!)

For Groot I was using Slic3r and a profile I downloaded on the forum here somewhere. Lately I have been using simplify3d and have had the best prints ever using it. I highly recommend it!

Here is a work in progress project. The interior was all done on the zim using simplify3d for slicing.

I would love to use S3D but i can’t pay for it right now
i tried that slic3r profile and its not working I’m getting bad quality still and it looks as if the infill is not connected to the walls
i don’t know exactly but will someone please share a good slic3r profile with me

I had decent luck with the profiles for slic3r found here: Upload G-code (work around)

With my Zim I find I have to play around with the cooling options depending on the print.

If the profiles I posted for Slic3r v1.1.7 don’t work for you (and they worked perfectly for me), then I’d say each machine has it’s own issues and you’ll have to dial in your particular machine. Perhaps try starting a separate thread with your slicer settings, and pictures of your issues. Provide as much detail as possible and be prepared to iterate :smile:

P.s., I broke this off into a new topic so as not to make the OctoPrint Tutorial topic longer than it needs to be.