Zeepro Zim Zeeproshare LAMP software in firmware - worth tweaking?

I sat down to look at the seepro zim’s interface byult in to the firmware. I’m not talking about the software for their proprietary slicing software written for a windows server, I’d have to take a closer look at it. Just the stuff on the zeepro zim you see right now.

Question is, is it worth it to tweak it? It looks luke there are some very good “api like” examples written javascript. Most of what can be done with this thing is there. Not sure about gcode yet.

Codeigniter was one of my favorite libraries and it can be expanded and updated to a newer version if needed. Javascript is no problem either. Havent tried to recompile this stuff to an image yet though. I just want to remove that account check crap for now and get some better home page controls for it. Also would like to use gcode as far as it can be used on this thing. I am new to 3d printers so octoprint is out right now.

Will R.

What you can do is download simplify 3d and octoprint, slice it in your pc then let octoprint print the gcode… anyway I bought 3 zeepro you have to put fan and modify the heating block to print for hours it f*ck up the extruder motor if you don’t put heatsink. zeepro program sucks so bad. but if you can make it work like an octoprint. I bought my zeepro brand new for $150 dollars each plus 50 dollars on fan and raspberry pi.

Started modifying the firmware. Removed the redirect to register\login requirement. Removed the need for a serial number in “zim.local/advanceduser”. Some other tweaks. So far so good.