Zeepro Camera with Octopi

I am running Octopi, and but the zeepro camera is not working. It was working earlier today, but now there is just a broken picture icon, or no picture at all in the octopi interface. I tried testing the cam by plugging it directly into my PC, and it works fine there.

I’m wondering if I goofed something up in my printer profile settings, but nothing jumps out at me.

Has anyone bumped into this issue before?


Update - It’s working again…no idea what might have changed, but I’m wondering if maybe i’m underpowering my Raspberry pi, thus making the webcam flakey.

One other problem though is that the camera is out of focus. Is there a way to control/adjust the focus on this camera?

Wow, this is embarrassing. The camera was just dirty. Just really, really dirty.

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can you post a screen shot of your webcam settings when you get a chance?

You mean the webcam settings on the Raspberry Pi? I’m actually not sure where to find those settings. Also, I now am not even able to get the web cam to register when plugged directly into my laptop, so I strongly suspect it’s a hardware issue.

I am currently running octoprint on my zim’s cubieboard and was looking at options of getting a video fee setup.

But after a little digging is seems that octoprint uses mjpg_streamer and the zim is already running ffmpeg on the zim board. SO I will do a bit more digging and move this off to its own thread. I started one here