What software to use to slice multiple parts with different settings?

I’m slicing with your settings now and will give them a try. I have a separate slicing question that maybe you can help with. If I load two parts on to my print bed in Repetier host to slice with slic3r is there a way to slice the two parts using different settings? I want one part to be printed solid and the other to be printed with 50% infill. If it can’t be done with repetier does anyone know a way to do it?

I don’t see a way to do this with Repetier host or slic3r. You might have more luck with Simplify 3D? Maybe someone with that can chime in.

In Slic3r, It´s not a problem:

  • You simply import the Part and make all your Settings.

  • Then you Import your second part (even if it is the same file, do NOT use the “increase copies” function, just import the file a second time!)

  • click the part that you want to modify (it will turn green) and click “settings”

  • then, click the green “+” symbol on the left and choose “infill - density”, or whatever you want (multiple choices are possible) from the list

  • the selected modifier will appear on the left side and you can set whatever you want. only the part(s) that were selected when clicking the settings button will be affected by the changes.

And voilá : You´ll have parts with different settings.

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Thanks, I’m going to give that a try :slight_smile: