What is our print area?


Ok so I gutted my machine and replaced everything (motors, end stops, ramps board) and need to know what the print area is. Kickstarter states 5.9” cubed area, which is 148mm. Is this right?


I have my build volume set to 150mm cubed, but you should be careful to not exceed the volume that should trigger one of the end stops, or you will get weird reflections in the print because it reverses directions when it hits an end stop and keeps printing. A good rule of thumb is less than 140mm cubed should be fine, but if you don’t set your build volume higher you’ll get errors that the part is too big.

If you go the extra mile you can figure out exactly what your build volume is and put those exact numbers in (less a bit) and then you’ll get the right feedback when you plop down a part to build.