Trying to setup the camera while running Octoprint on the zim board

I have Octoprint running the cubie and wanted to use the on board camera. Does anyone know how to configure the webcam to see the onboard camera?

I did some digging last night and discovered 2 things. mjpeg_streamer is install by default with Octoprint (for info check here) I also noticed that ffmpeg is running heavy cycles by default. I am sure this has to do with the zims default software stream.

Anyone know if octoprint can tap into the zims ffmpeg stream?

So after some digging I was able to get a live stream from the camera using mjpg_streamer.

Run as root from your jailbroken cubieboard.
mjpg_streamer -i "/usr/local/mjpg_streamer/ -f 15 -r 1280x720" -o "/usr/local/mjpg_streamer/ -p 8090"

point your browser to

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