Simplify 3d "simply the best"

First thing first If you want to print a lot you have to mod your driver’s heatsink, and literally to have this mod will cost you 6 dollars.

It should look Like this and as you can see you can use paper clip to let it settle. Its recommended to let it settle for 2 days. After it settled down you have to adjust the driver to .25mv all if you are removing the secondary extruder motor. If not , you can tune the extruder driver to .45mv but Its highly recommended to remove it, its not worthy with all the problem you will have.

this is my Simplify 3D profile

Here is the video on how to print from google sketchup to simplify 3d software.

from website to 3d print

The software that I am using are Netfabb, Simplify3d and Google sketchup.

Do you have before and after numbers? Id be interested in seeing some data on gains

But Bigger heatsinks cant hurt, and price is right, thanks for the info!

The videos both say “unavailable”. Can U plz fix them if possible.
By the way are those tmc2100 drivers or the stock drv8825 ?
I am going to get a set of the tmc2100’s. I saw some videos on them and they are sooo quiet. No noise at all.

This post contains a link to copyrighted software. Simplify3D is not free software.

Maybe you should remove the link before getting into trouble… Simplify isn´t free and sharing pirated software surely won´t be tolerated.
It´s your descision if you share this link by private email, but please don´t release it in this forum.

my voltage number for TMC2100 is .55mv how i get it via feeling it. That’s the right voltage when it doesn’t get overheat and will have enough torque and also does not produce annoying noise.

I am thinking about upgrading into ramps 1.4 at least you can put an LCD it looks so cool plus its future proof.

Just to not hype S3D too much, I would like to add that its not the holy grail of 3d printing slicing software. I love it and use it 90% of the time. I especially like the ability to instantly stop a print and the multi process options.
But it has its own problems and shortcomings, for example:

  • strange slicing errors, resulting in area defects; unable to repair
  • vase mode slicing sometimes results in not being vase mode, with lots of extra head movements
  • unable to adjust z-height during print
  • a bug where the dual nozzle offset is ignored (confirmed by support with no solution other than to use firmware adjustments)
  • print starting height somehow is either ignored or little effective(even with 140% there is little to no effect), in Cura 0.1mm is directly noticable
  • development seems to have stalled the last 1,5 years
  • missing parameters
  • and so on

So in conclusion S3D is great if you need multi process and/or lot of supports.
Cura has more options and is constantly developed.

Its a pitty S3D is not confident enough to offer a demo of their software and their license activation system is simply put crap. So to test their software a pirated version is a solution but afterwards go and BUY the software. So far there has never been a upgrade fee, so its a liftime license and thus not that expensive. And they have great support!.

Link removed. Please do not post links to pirated software. If users want to pirate software, they can figure it out :wink: