Reading ZeePro SD Card

Hi, I’ve seen several posts about modifying the SD Card to get the ZeePro operational.

However, I cannot mount my SD Card on either my MacBook Pro (OS X 10) or my Windows 7 machine or access it with any of the software I have. What software and procedure do I need to read and modify this card? Thanks in advance.


The SD card is using Linux EXT File Format.

You can install MacFuse or fuse-ext2 for Mac osX
if you have downloded a Zim disk image you can use Win32DiskImager to restore the image on the SD card

Thanks much. Duped the SD Card and edited with a combination of MacFuse, fuse-ext2 and Apple PI- Baker.

Got the printer going but so far no heater. Is there a schematic for the ZeePro lurking anywhere?



Here’s one… not sure if this version matches all Zimboards though.