Pin Mappings and marlin config


So I looked at the Marlin code for the Zeepro at . the configuration.H says it is board 35. I looked in the pins.h file in the motherboard 35 section, and it shows all the mappings, but when I look at the board layout, the pin numbers don’t seem to match, what I am seeing in the pins.h .

I am trying to get Klipper working, and the only axis that homes correctly is the Z axis. The Y axis cant tell what end stop it is using, but does move (just grinds at the endstop), and the X axis does nothing

I would try and trust the Board PDF, but the Z axis homes correctly, and the pins don’t match what Klipper is set at. You can see the confgi file I am using on Klipper here / and how it does map directly to the Marlin pins.h file.

Is there a know pin map that maps correctly, or am I missing something easy?


The pin definitions are not the actual Atmel pins but rather the simplified lookup for the pins that are typically numbered around the outside edge of an Arduino Mega.

For example, X_ENABLE_PIN is defined as 38 (which is the Arduino pin), and if you look on the schematic for the Zim it says X-EN is on pin 50 (which is PD7 on the Atmel chip) which maps back to the Arduino pin 38.