OctoZim setup 2017

ZeePro Zim 3d printer/ raspberry pi 3 OctoPrint setup instructions::
Setting up - Raspberry PI

  1. Purchase Raspberry pi 3 with built-in Wi-Fi.
  2. Download and burn OctoPrint On Sd card
    Step 1-Download- Win32disc imager=via search google.com
    Step 2- download latest octoprint image(zip)- via =www.octoprint.org
    *use win32discimager to write files SD card"
    Video instructions below

So the here are the basic steps after you have OctoPrint and Pi working together.

  1. step is to remove the plastic infill within the type B-type usb plug that comes factory on the Zim.
    -Get access to the usb
    have 2 replacement -usb type B’s on order just in case!. To solder in if need be.

  2. Connect the Pi with Octoprint Micro sd card inserted to the Zim’s type b-type USB port (with the latest jpod configuration)
    https://github.com/jpodius/marlin-zeepro latest being as of 4/12/17

  3. Test a print with the original cartridge .

  4. Dial it in with custom G-codes.?

  5. Then print supporting mods needed off www.thingiverse.com

note:the only thing i am sure on is all the programs for slicing(cura,simplify3d)— newb here !!! this is my 1st 3d printer please be understanding. i have seen alot of people use google scuplt or scupltXl and transfer files in certain formats and so on . what is the best way to go about choosing which software to use for slicing ?

Anything I missed??? And pretty sure my links and everything up-to date that I referenced. Just want to make sure this is all good trying to learn as much as I can before my unit arrives. i hope this may help someone who might buy a zim from reading for hours through the forums like I had to.


Well I was able after 2 1/2 hrs to remove the superglued plastic filament within the zims usb! What a pain in the ass . anyways having some trouble setting up my Pi 3 with wifi . When i plug in the Pi device it boots and gets all the way to where it says Octopi Login section.i try to enter (pi) for the login &(raspberry) for the password . I am using a micro all in 1 usb Bluetooth keyboard pad which is odd it lets me type Pi in the login then when I enter to the password section it won’t let me type anything seems like maybe the keyboard like that won’t work?? Any ideas

The password doesn’t show up when you type it. I guess it’s a security measure. Type it in, hit enter and you should be good to go.

Tried to install a earlier version of arduino 1.6.9 and got this error now.

Step 3 looks wrong. Hope ya figured it out

Yes sir. Thanks to J_schmidt my issue was I was trying to use octoprint to slice in once I figured that part out I was good to go. For now I am printing .stl files already made next step is to refresh my autocad/design skills…

Will say I do have one question with some of my lager prints anything over a hr and half I am gettin a bit of Temperature drop i set it a little high 210 on the 1sr layer does prefect stupid me set the rest of the layers to 200 and it falls to 189ish had 1 print where the temp fell to low and only printed half the object . Thinking 210 for all layers on larger prints ??my small prints do not do this they always come out clean ! Any input.

this is what I am getting temp rides at 210 for a while

And at 45min

I saw that the WiFi module was installed, is it possible to replace it with Xiaomi WiFi?