New Software Version - GCODE UPLOAD! IS it Possible?

Hi Guys,

Zeepro updated ZIM Software. Dont know if you notice this, but its now possible to preview the resulting GCODE from slicing! This got me wondering , why the hell is the a feature? Who wants to look at X Y Z coordinates…Then i noticed that is possible to copy this code and paste it here…SO my question is this (total newbie here), do this mean that its possible to slice a object in CURA or whatever and paste the resulting code here? Can this be the way to upload our own GCODE?



I noticed this too. I’m planning on trying this out from Cura. However, it might take a while to figure out the correct machine settings.

I don’t think so that the will allow the upload of your own gCodes.
Even the release notes say “analize and view” not copy and edit :unamused:

Yes Martin. I read it to. but unless zeepro thinks that we are inside the Matrix, i dont understand whats the purpose of viewing and analysing GCODE! Im newbie when it comes to 3D printing but can anyone make sense of a bunch of xyz coordinates? When not in the matrix i mean! :smile:
Thats why i dont get how this could be a feature unless it can be used to something…

The 2D viewer is a nice addition, you can step through the layers and they are rendered on the screen. Useful for checking any problem areas and/or support material.

Isn’t it possible to upload gcode files to http://zimip/extrusion_control ?

With proper formatting and start/end this should be possible. Planning to test this when I have analyzed some simple print files a bit more.

EDIT: I now see that they have removed the option to run multi-line gcode files as in earlier versions.

Did you try http://zim/zeepronterface ?

I was able to get gcode file (from Cura) loaded and the Zim responded. Noticed two issues. Its not setting up the extruder temperature and (maybe) feeding. It did continue to move the heads around like it was printing. I didn’t let it continue just in case the filament motor started to run.