My ZIm is out of order

I received my Zim and used it a little and then had a problem where an experiment with a bed covering which was left unattended allowed a large build up of plastic on the print nozzle and even encroached inside the shield around the nozzles. I have managed to remove the shield and get rid of some of the plastic but can anyone suggest a safe way to completely clean the print head before reassembling and trying to get going again?

It depends on what you think is “safe”…
The best way is to heat the printhead up and start pulling small pieces of plastic with some small pliers. And yes, you will burn your fingers. That´s life… :wink:

There is no really safe or easy way to remove this stuff.

Sorry I probably should have clarified my use of the word safe. I meant safe for the machine rather than myself I’m no stranger to a workshop or self inflicted injuries therein. :wink:

Yeah, @J_Schmidt’s suggestion is what you’ll need to do. Heat up the nozzle and go at it with needle nose pliers. It’s generally safe for the machine, but keep an eye out for any thermistor wires etc that may have gotten caught up in the blob while you do so.

Also consider NOT putting the shield back on when your finished. I find that mine works a lot better without it on there.

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I use it without the shield, as well.

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You can remove the shield.
Originally it have been added to prevent overheating. But finally it was not necessary.

If needed you can replace the heating block by new ones.

and also replace the nozzles.


I think, originally, it was for cosmetic purposes, and to prevent the blowers from cooling the nozzles.
Anyway, I only use the Cover when taking pictures. I really recommended using the cover in the past, until the heat deformed the airduct so much that the colling fan blew to the Inside of the cover instead… Now, I use my Zim without it. It´s ugly, but it´s working.

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Hi Eric,

I was in charge of manufacturing the ZIM.
The real reason of this shield was For an over heating issue. Finally we found that the overheat was due to a software issue and the heat was issued from the stepper.
This means that the shield is useless so you can remove it