Marlin 1.1.0-RC worth updating to?

I see that we are pretty well behind the mainline version of Marlin

It seems like we could port the zim specific stuff (power button, pin outs, etc) to the latest branch and get an updated firmware.

I’m not familiar with what all is in the new version, it seems like there’s tons of bugfixes.

Are there any features that would help us out? I’d probably ditch all RFID stuff for simplicity sake.

Any thoughts?

Am I right in assuming that ZeePro branched off of Marlin 1.1.0.early instead of the stable 1.0.2 branch (given their numbering scheme)

I believe it’s always valuable to upgrade to the latest firmware base… picking up all of those bug fixes primarily. We could take the mainline marlin, and just merge it into Jpod’s edited version and see what pukes out and try to resolve all of the conflicts to the best of our ability. Who knows, we might get lucky and it merges without too much fuss. Definitely worth a try.

Definitely ditch the RFID stuff, but leaving it in might help things merge ok. I thought Jpod’s updates effectively nulled the RFID stuff anyway though.

I have no idea about the versioning scheme but it’s very possible Zeepro started their own scheme after an early Marlin version.

Looks like they started with

And then they bumped it to 1.1 to start their own versioning:

Just compared Jpod’s latest to Marlin 1.0.2-2 and I skimmed through, but didn’t see much besides moving hardcoded values to #defines, auto bed leveling and a bunch of presets for different printers. That’s not to say I didn’t possibly overlook some bug fixes in there, but I didn’t see anything majorly jumping out. Some of the constants will probably have to be reverted, but for the most part it appears the changes are just a fast-forward. Not sure about the other RC’s and what they offer.