Improvements to Zim

There’s been a lot of topics relating to issues encountered with Zims, but not as much relating to improvements that could be made. I’ve been using my Zim for several months, and there’s a few ideas I’ve thought might improve the user experience.

  1. Provide a checkbox for automatic shutdown when complete - I often start a print at night, or when heading off to work. The print completes in a couple of hours, and then my Zim sits there with the fans running for 8 hours until I shut it off. I can login remotely and shut if off from work, but an automatic shutoff checkbox would be nice. Even nicer would be to let the user select the destination of the timelapse video after the print completes when checking this box. This should be on the printing status page, so that one could change their mind mid-print.

  2. Import another model while the current one is printing - The Zim Linux board/slicer doesn’t seem to be involved with the g-code being executed. I’ve had the main board think it wasn’t even printing while the print continued from the Marlin board. This led me to the thought that we should be able to upload and slice a new model while the current one is printing.

  3. Manage cartridges after uploading/slicing - Sure would be nice to be able to change colors after slicing the model. I don’t use the cartridge system, so just being able to unloaded and prime after slicing would be nice for me. But cartridge users would probably like this ability as well.

  4. Save sliced models - Seems a bit odd to save the unsliced model and then have to re-slice it each time you want to print. At least in my case, I usually use this feature if I want to print multiple copies. I’d prefer I had the option to save the sliced model instead.

  5. Provide folders for saved models - I often have groups of models that go together, as in parts of a larger design. The current flat directory structure in the saved model screen makes it pretty difficult to find what I need.

  6. Provide ability to delete the Zeepro models - They’re cute and all, but I’d prefer to gain back the space in the file system. I’ve only printed a single Zeepro preloaded model, and it was to test something, not because I wanted the thing.

  7. Don’t dip the nozzle in the test strip - Sort of odd that after printing the initial test strip the nozzle raises, and then lowers right down into the pile of goo on the end of the test strip. Often it drags goo with it over into the first later of the print. The startup g-code to add a little y-offset would resolve a lot of goo in the first layer issues for me. As it is, I have to wait for the nozzle to reach temp and then manually clear the goo after the test strip completes.

I’ve sent some of these feature requests to Zeepro through support tickets. Seems like there are some simple improvements that could be made without impacting the existing functionality, or requiring much in the way of new software.