I took the steppers off the head


And I replaced one with a Titan. My right nozzle is borked. I crossthreaded it, so i’m just using the left. I’ve also tuned my steppers. I’m now getting some seriously beautiful prints out of this thing. So much so that I’m hesitant to do the conversion to the 6mm throats and helicoils.


That looks amazing! Any info you can share about that process of tuning the steppers would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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I used incomplete terminology. I should have said tuned my “stepper drivers”. Which just means I pulled the bottom steppers off and used my DMM to tune the V-Ref.


Cool, thanks for that. I was kind of thinking that’s what you meant, but you can also adjust the accel, decel, x-y jerk, etc… of the steppers. I’m guessing you ended up with 0.250mV which is 250mA of constant current? I’d love to try that file on my machine as well and see how it does… just have to finish this 3 hour print first.


I did actually lower my jerk and acceleration settings back when I had the machine stock. Otherwise I’d get terrible ringing. I haven’t yet changed them back to the higher settings. Maybe that also has helped with the quality.


I wish I could remember what I set the current to, but I can’t. All I know is it’s quieter and smoother than it’s ever seemed.


I do not recommend printing that model with supports! :unamused:


I printed at 0.2mm resolution with 20% infill, PLA 190C. Cooling fan on after layer 3.

Yours is definitely way nicer than mine :slight_smile:

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Wow! I am super impressed with your support removal skills! And yeah, no supports on this one. I think I did .15mm layer height on mine.


Only skill is patience and determination :laughing: That center helix lost the battle though and was completely removed.

I may try again without supports just to make this printer busy. It is a nice piece to have on the desk!


BTW once upon a time I threw these settings into my startup script

G28 ; home all
M84 S600 ; set this 10 minute timeout if necessary (default is 5 minutes)
M203 X1000 Y1000 Z100 E1000 ; set max feedrates
M201 X1000 Y1000 Z100 E2000 ; set max printing acceleration
M205 X15 Z0.4 E5 ; set max xy z e jerk (speed change does not require acceleration)

I just slapped an E3D clone on mine after much difficulty, and have seen a huge improvement (along with 100mm/s print speeds). I’m extremely surprised how much having a direct drive extruder was hurting the Zim.


Ooh, any pics of that?

Very minor cleanup after .15mm no support print. The black is super shiny and hard to take a picture of but I’d say this one turned out much better.


Yea, once I’ve tweaked it a bit I’m going to make a writeup with pictures and such. I went from being about to scrap the Zim for parts to loving it.

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please do post that and or message me ! i am trying to do this and i assume Agg23 is for aggie? just wondering from texas as well!. lol