I need new nozzles

I have a bunch of zeepros. I am short on Nozzles. I assume there is no source anymore.

I have seen pictures of folks who have put on different nozzles or extruders, but I just cannot find any build instructions, only one or two lines of how they did it. I am not seeing how that is done…

Can someone give me some suggestions please?

Can I modify the end to fit more standard nozzles? How?

If not, what is the means to put a different nozzle or extruder on?

Thanks so much. I have spent hours and hours looking for a clear answer…

(also posting this to the facebook group…)

Hi Neoteric,

Basically at this point you a probably limited in options. At one point you could find original replacements on ebay but they were super expensive and I haven’t seen any lately.

Another option a while ago was to buy aftermarket hot ends that used standard nozzles, those were all bought up and I don’t think you can order them any more.

At this point you may have to go the super drastic route and modify your printer to use an entirely new hot end. It’s not pretty but here is how I modded mine: Completely replace the hot end / head

Others have done different but similar mods. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply!
This is the route I think I am going to go.
Thanks for the link.

Two follow up-- are you still printing with your zims?
Did you ever figure out the steps/mm?

Thanks so much for your help. I hate the idea of scrapping these printers.

I literally just donated my last Zim to a friend the other day. I have started doing more woodworking and less 3d printing so have thinned out my 3d printers from 7 down to about 3.

I believe the Steps/mm are here in the forum somewhere but I do not know it or have it handy, sorry.

Good luck with your Zims, they are actually still great printers!

I am still in contact with Zeepro suppliers and can order some nozzles. but I cannot order just 1 or 2 units. In the past I ordered the complete nozzles (delivered disassembled) on a base of 30 units.
If you have an interest, keep me informed and I will request a quotation

Thanks Nightmare.
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, was out.

I am interested!!
How many would I need to order?

we need to be able to order 30 nozzles. I will take 10 nozzles for my own usage so need to find people interesed to order the 20 other parts

OK. I think I would take 20 as long as they are not too pricey…

Also, definitely do not want to be a pain, but what do you think is typical for turnaround time…

as long as you use a clean filament and the nozzles are really strong and durable
I print many parts for my motobikes and for other projects and I change the nozzle Twice a year.
I will send a quote request to the supplier.

I will keep you posted

Thanks so much!!! I really, really appreciate it.