How's your ZIM doing?

Just wanted to ask you guys how your pritner is doing as the forum here tends to be slowing down:

  • Any great ideas on how you improved your printer?
  • Any awesome prints you want to share?

After all those bloody problems at the beginning my ZIM is my favorite printer and really does a good job now (Octoprint, spools instead of cartridges, M6 nozzles,…) -> over 20kg of PLA printed :yum:

Glad to hear yours is still working well! Mine is still working great also. I get some great prints out of it. Lately I prefer printing on my Makergear M2, but I still use my Zim and am happy with it. I’m using my Zim right now actually, so far print looks great! All those mods are the only way to go!

My Zim is collecting dust and has not been used for weeks.
My print quality declined a lot. I tried everything and could not improve anything.
Furthermore I now alyways have that problem with the partially clogged nozzles and spent more time cleaning and testing than printing.
If I find the time and energy I will engage my Zim again … but right now it keeps turned off.

Have you replaced the teflon liner? Additional to that change the nozzle, cut the liner a bit shorter than it would fit into the hole and chamfer the inner diameter!

The only real problem I do have is that my beloved “Nunus filament” supplier cannot deliver grey PLA for weeks and all the other suppliers do not meet my expectations :disappointed:

After I received my Zim, it has only produced two prints. None of them were good quality. The nozzle clogged half way into the second print. I have tried to unclog with heating, but did not succeed. So my Zim is not operational, and has not been for almost a year.

I am thinking of buying some replacement nozzles, use a spool instead of the cartridge system, and install a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint. But so far I have not had the time.

There is a linke somehwere in the forum for heater blocks with the standard M6 nozzles (nearly every open source pritner uses them): they work very well and when the’re clogged i simply install a new one…

Scap the cartridge system and operate it via OctoPrint and spools. If you’re happy with Octoprint you can support the programmer here:

A little bit on the old side!. I just got a brand new sum for 150$ I wanted to make sure that I had some replacement parts b4 i bid on it. luckily I came across this before ! Pretty sure it’s the site your talking < has the new heater block design and 6mm nozzles + offers replacement tips 60$ or so for a block and few tips … has both L and R ,i may setup my Zim for single head not sure yet on what to do