How to uplode the G-code?

Good morning,
first thing i love my printer,it delivers great results. But how to uplode the G-code? I am using the version 1.6. And the program I use is “cura”, to slicing parts.
I guess i have to bypass the printer realy soon. Like KingMartin it does via USB.

Greez Tim
@TBauer33 (twitter)

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Cura seems to be one of the best slicers but I do everything at Kisslicer.

You can also use RepetierHost in combination with the latest version of Slic3r: both work perfectly together but I switched to Kisslicer as several years ago (I own a RepRap printer too) as old bugs appeared again in further version: guess it’s solved now!

I sinply had to operate my ZIM via USB as I had so many troubles with it and via their internal software it was just a pain in the a** to operate. :wink: