From failure to success....kinda!?

Layers seem to be squiggly

What preset did you use ?
Did you well level your bed ?

Sometime I have this kind of result when it is too hot.
You can try to decrease temperature or activate autoCooling (min 35, max 45)

Thanks for the suggestions. I leveled the bed before print but your right it may be too hot ill try lowereing the temp and I arealdy had the atuocooling on so hopefully that helps.

Maybe it’s supposed to be a Wooly Mammoth? Sorry, bad joke :blush:

hahah funny so I tried the same model at 185F and this is what I got!

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Interesting! A lot less oozy for sure. My black and white PLA defaults are set to 195F. I should play with this more :slight_smile: