Firmware 1.8.4 - need badly


Can’t find the image anywhere…


I am really sorry. I lost the FW :frowning:
if somebody have it I am also interested to have it in my backup


Here it is: Link
Please note that this link is only valid 90 days.


I appreciate it tremendously…


I found @waffles last 1.8.6 in an old harddrive… maybe you´d like to use this:!AjcMQC06_HU3w28VqKQesaWomLRk

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Thanks you - will save for possible future use - right now I am using your 1.8.4 stock on both my zims…


I also backed up the 1.8.6 waffles image in case anyone needs these:[waffles]

And here’s the 1.8.4 files as well: