Fan mod and test print (Updated)

I can recommend this fan mod posted on Kickstarter ( My factory fan housing melted just like other users stated theirs did. I am not sure if it was the first or third print but it melted. This replacement works great after doing an auto PID tune with part fan on.

List of my mods are.

  1. Lower extruder motors and trays removed. Feeding from rear spool to top extruders thanks to JPODs fine work.
  2. Running Octoprint from the stock Cubie board thanks to Waffles.
  3. And replacment fan shroud. Thanks to Hao86 on Thingiverse.

This is the final fan assembly printed in ESUN PETG Magenta color. The original was half PLA and half PETG as I was not sure how it would perform.

Picture of first print with all mods in place.

And a picture of the replacement fan assembly.

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And you dont get temp problems with fan running 100%.
Strange enough, without my selfmade cooling fan cover and original silicone nozzle tip my temp drops if over 60%.

No I did auto tune with fan on full speed. When fan first kicks on it drops a couple degrees but recovers then holds set temp. It does fluctuate a few tenths but nothing out of the normal.

My original fan shroud it did drop the temp a lot but that was due to the holes melted in it and the air blowing directly on the heater blocks. This blows the air towards the print for the most part so no big temp problems.