Differences in print result?

The last days I have been using Octoprint.
But since my last three nights the print stopped and I have not found a reason or solution, I switched back to Simplify3D directly over USB.

I am slicing with Simplify3D and had the G-Code uploaded in Octoprint.
The thing I do not understand is, that the print result is different, although the same G-Code is used.
How can that be?

When I tried to continue (with Simplify3D) a stopped print from Octoprint, I noticed that the dimensions somehow differ.
Here is a photo:

What you can see is:

  • the support is wider in X axis
  • the rectangular front (upper right corner of picture) is correct in beginning, end and size (Y axis)
  • but the open circle is way off in X and Y axis: the wall is thinner, the diameter is smaller
  • the diameter of columns is a lot smaller

And the visible quality of surfaces looks better with directly Simplify3D over USB.

What could that be, that Octoprint is different and less quality althoug same G-Code File?