Custom Heated Print Bed, New product

I have a new product on 3dprintermods. It’s called the Maghold Build Plate. It’s a magnetic build platform with a tempered spring steel build plate and a Build-tak like layer. This particular model is not for the Zim, it’s designed to fit Makerbot replicators and clones.


I’m working on a version of this to fit the Zim. The Zim version will be heated and interface with the printer for full control. Obviously this is a niche item and I’m only developing it for my own printer at this time, however if anyone is interested in one, please let me know. It’s probably going to run about $89 depending on whether you need the second power supply for the heated bed or not. (they cost about $25 all by themselves).

Any update on one of these for a Zim?

Nobody seemed to express any intrest in it, so I shelved the project. If that’s charged, I could resurrect it. It’s difficult to Justify putting resources into development for a dead printer like the Zim without the support of the community.

Can this still be made ?? I see you have the heater blocks and stuff this up I will be order a set of those for ya

I also would be interested in the custom heated bed for the Zim. Thank you for all the cool stuff you do, I just discovered your website!