Cura settings for the ZeePro Zim

Hello everyone.

Does anyone have machine settings, start code and end code for cura 2.3.1. I use cura for other printers and prefer it.

Anyone using cura and care to share so I have a starting point?

I searched the forums but the old post seems missing some details.

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@Jaesin has this profile on github, may be useful:

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Here is the Cura config I made for 2.3.1. The zeepro_zim.def.json and zeepro_zim_dual.def.json files go into the definitions folder in the Cura install directory. The *_1st and *_2nd files go into the extruders folder. From there, you can create both single extruder and dual extruder profiles for the printer. Make sure to use the single profile when printing with only one extruder.

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Looks like this is working. I placed zeepro_platform.stl in the \Cura 2.3\resources\meshes folder. Thank for the help. Ill update with my first print. Thanks!

Settings worked great. Now I need to work on a heated bed.

can you reload this!? its not showing up on dropbox

Sorry about that. The new link is here: