Cura settings for octoprint

I am new to cura and was wondering if anyone can share some screen shots of their settings so I know how to get started

When I get home tonight I’ll post some. If you want I can even email you the cura profile I have saved.

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thats the settings i use, be sure to put the correct nozzle size tho, i have the custom hotend so i use 0.4mm. use 0.35 if you are using the original hotend. also you can put your own temp, support type and fill density (i use different values for different prints)

That would be awesome! Thank you so much for the help!

Thanks for posting all this, Kr3! I have a question about your starting code:

When I initially tried to print using Cura G-codes via Octopi, the bed dropped down immediately before printing, then the thing would try to print in mid-air.

I solved this by commenting out the G1 Z15.0{trave_speed} ;move the platform down 15mm line. Why is this line in here? does your G-code work with that line in place? do I have something messed up somewhere else?

Yes it’s in mine. Never bothered to take it out. I should but it hasn’t
hurt anything so far. It takes mine a little while to actually start
extruding when the print starts do I just left it all in there so it can bi
“busy” before the plastic comes out. By the times it’s done doing it’s
little dances it starts the actual print and then the plastic finally
starts coming out.

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