Webify your non-WiFi enabled 3D Printer (AstroPrint)

Check out this Kickstarter that’s still going on for a little bit longer. It basically aims to get your non-WiFi, non-camera enabled 3D printer connected to a mobile app to control and upload STL files, and monitor your prints. It also boasts Cloud :cloud: Slicing :hocho: At first I was like, “oooooh, I want that!”. But then I remembered I was patiently waiting for my Zim which will have the same features. @ZeeproMH can you confirm this?

I think for anyone who already has one of the following printers though, this does sound like a great deal for $30 (includes lifetime Pro plan for their Cloud service)

I guess I should add, this might be a viable alternative to Zim software if the software is lacking in some way. This is all they have to focus on at AstroPrint, so I’m sure it’s going to be really polished. They already have a great discussion going in the comments. Might be good to eavesdrop :wink:

Ok from what I can tell this should work with Zim (Runnng Marlin firmware). I talked to the guys at AstroPrint and they will be supporting dual head printers in the Fall 2014. I’m backing them and my plan is to create my own AstroBox using a RaspberryPi and plug the Zim directly into the Pi. Only 8 hours to go :wink:

Like I said, this could all be for not… if Zeepro comes through with all of these features and more for their software. I’m looking at it as a $30 safety net, and the ability to print directly from Sketchup/Blender is way cool.

I am setting this up now
was wondering if you have done it yet?
ill let you know how the prints go
and if u have done it any tips?

I tried to set this up last weekend and I loved how easy it was to get it installed on a raspberry pi, but after that I ran into a few issues. The temperature was not reporting correctly, so there was no way to effectively monitor what was happening with the print in progress. I started a thread here that no one has responded to yet:

I basically kept thinking to myself that I wanted X Y Z features of OctoPrint, and how could I get those on AstroPrint. The answer was to just switch back to OctoPrint and get back to printing things again.

My recommendation for Zim users at this point in time would be OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a Samsung Evo+ SD card.

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If someone would like to have an astroprint box with lifelong licence just drop me a personal message: will sell mine!